Meet Universities & Colleges

Are you looking to enrol on a course in autumn 2020? Then World-Expo Virtual Education Fair has what you need. Chat with universities, institutes and training providers, all offering online and classroom-based courses across a wide range of subjects. Download course materials and watch presentations and talks – all live from the comfort of your own home, via your computer, smartphone or web-enabled device. World-Expo Virtual Education Fair is the ideal way to connect with colleges in the current climate.

About Virtual Expo

Chat with universities and training providers running courses of all levels from the comfort of your own home. Using your smartphone, laptop or device, connect with admissions staff and enrol on courses – just like you would at a traditional Education Fair.

Meet Universities

Chat directly with staff from universities, colleges and course providers, receive a prospectus or enroll on a course for 2020-2021.

Webinars and Presentations

In need of inspiration? Watch a number of fun, interesting and informative presentations across a range of subjects.


Talk directly with university represantatives, receive expert advice on your course or future decision free of charge.

Online Courses

Browse remote learning options from universities, colleges and training providers across the globe.

Save Time & Money

Attending an education fair has never been easier. There’s no more waiting, traffic jams, or planning your journey – just connect and you’re straight in the ‘door’!

Mobile & Desktop Friendly

Our virtual platform is easy-to-use and supports all mobile and desktop devices, allowing for convenient interaction and communication.

Download Materials

Save brochures, forms and other resource materials for future reading so you can make decisions easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What is Virtual Education Expo?

Virtual Education Expo is an online event for anyone thinking of enrolling on university, course, going to college, doing a postgraduate degree, returning to education, taking professional courses or looking for information on courses, classes and educational options in 2020-2021. 

When does it take place?

World-Expo Virtual Education Fairtakes place on 17-18th September, 2020 between 10am and 6pm. 

What is a ‘virtual’ expo?

A virtual expo is an event run in an online environment. It is online equivalent of a traditional exhibition, but exhibitors and visitors connect with one another on the web, rather than in-person. Attendees log into event through their web browser and can chat in real-time with universities and colleges and have the same conversations, receiving information and watch seminars as if they were at a physical event. 

I’m looking for courses. Is there a charge for me to attend?

World-Expo Virtual Education Fairis absolutely free to attend for all course-seekers and prospective students seeking to enroll on courses in 2020. 

What types of courses will be in the virtual expo?

If you are thinking of enrolling on a course over the coming months, applying for universities, going to college, doing a postgraduate degree, taking professional courses or looking for information on courses, classes and educational options – these will be the types of courses available to enroll on at the expo

How do I register?

Click here to register for the World-Expo Virtual Education Fairbefore 16th of October. Register for Virtual Education Expo

How should I prepare for Virtual Education Expo?

Keep an eye on latest exhibitors that join the expo. Research a little bit about them and the courses they provide. Decide which colleges you’d like to chat to first and prioritise your time for those meetings. By logging in early, you’ll be one of the first attendees to talk to your preferred colleges.

Who should I contact if I have further questions about attending the expo?

You can send all enquiries to or call&send message to +998935170030

What are the benefits of attending the Virtual Education Expo?

World-Expo Virtual Education Fairgives prospective students the opportunity to talk to admissions team live about universities, their courses and the advantages of studying at their universities, entry requirements, tuition fees. Furthermore, you can gain a new perspective on what course you want to enroll in via presentations.