DATE: March 5–6, 2021; TIME: 9:00–18:00
LOCATION: Uzbekistan and Central Asia
FORMAT: Online, B2C

DATE: March 10–11, 2020;  TIME: 9:00–18:00;  LOCATION: International Hotel Tashkent, Uzb.;  FORMAT: Offline, B2C; 2500+ Visitors & Students 43 Educations & Institutions 12 Agencies & Educators WORLD EXPO Education Fair is Leading Uzbek International Exhibition called “Education Abroad”. The WORLD-EXPO has been holding exhibitions annually since 2016 with the support of WORLD.UZ! It Covers several … Read more

DATE: October 17–18, 2020;  TIME: 9:00–18:00;  LOCATION: Uzbekistan & Central Asia;  FORMAT: Online, B2C; 1000+ Visitors & Students 37 Educations & Institutions 9 Agencies & Educators WORLD EXPO Virtual Education Fair Fall 2020 WORLD EXPO Virtual Education Fair offered a highly cost-effective and convenient option for the educational organizations around the world and helped to … Read more