Online Educational Fair in Uzbekistan

Dates: October 17-18, 2020
Online, 10:00-18:00, Time zone in Tashkent (GMT + 5)

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Welcome to World-Expo

The main point of World-Expo Education Fair in Uzbekistan is to present the opportunities for students and universities to find each other in the same place, in the same time to learn the education service market.  For international institutions this is a unique opportunity to meet and interact with potential students on face-to-face basis, give a clear image about requirements of the students, their potentials, interests and build the brand image of the university.

Why Exhibit in Uzbekistan?

The need for higher education is increasing rapidly, as the economy of Uzbekistan is growing fast. More than 20 percent of school students look for overseas universities to continue their study. Each year more than 34,000 students from Uzbekistan decide to study abroad.

Market overview for bachelor degree:

  • Number of the universities in Uzbekistan: 121
  • Number applications in 2018-2019 study year: more than 679 000 students
  • Number of quotes for placement 2018-2019 study year: 87 165 students
  • Number applications in 2019-2020 study year:  960 843 students
  • Number of quotes for placement 2019-2020 study year: 102 400 students
  • Number applications in 2020-2021 study year: more than 1 300 000 students
  • Number of quotes for placement 2020-2021 study year: 139 950 students

Upcoming Events

Time to get educations back up and running. This is a meet up for all universities across the globe and course seekers from Uzbekistan and Central Asia. These events bring together students from around the world to network online, find new courses & education partners, share ideas, forge new collaboration. If you are a student, language learner, college or high school grader, and education provider, who is associated with Education industry, these are must-attend events:

WORLD-EXPO EDUCATION FAIR Online Educational Fair in Uzbekistan
10:00 - 17,10,2020

Expired Events

World-Expo Education Fair – Uzbekistan & Central Asia are great opportunities to attract the most motivated and talented students to your educational institution. Visitors to exhibitions are equally interested in undergraduate and pre-university education programs, as well as graduate programs, doctoral programs, etc. Here you can see how previous events happened. Transforming education and empowering students for their future. WORLD-EXPO EDUCATION EXHIBITION FAIR

World-Expo Education Exhibition 2020
10:00 - 10.03.2020

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